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Echo Darla & Gina Sound Cards: 25 way D-Type pinout

copyright ©2001 Paul Blitz

The Echo Darla Sound card used to be the normal sound card supplied by P-Squared for their Myriad computer playout system, but as that is no longer made, they have moved to using the Gina.

Whilst you can use the output "pod" to connect all those 8 audio outputs to, via Jack plugs, its actually far simpler & neater (and cheaper) to just connect to the 25-way connector on the PC card itself!

Note that the pinouts for the Darla and Gina are different: the Darla's pod is 100% passive, but I believe the Gina's is ACTIVE.

Here are the pinouts of the 25-way D-type, which is fitted to the back of the PC card. (The cable supplied, that connects this to the "pod", is simply a high-quality, individually screened, pin-to-pin cable).

Darla Pinout

Pin Use Pin Use
1 8 tip 14 8 ring
2 7 tip 15 7 ring
3 6 tip 16 6 ring
4 5 tip 17 5 ring
5 4 tip 18 4 ring
6 3 tip 19 3 ring
7 2 tip 20 2 ring
8 1 tip 21 1 ring
9 Ground 22 Ground
10 Ground 23 Ground
11 Ground
12 Record 2 tip 24 Record 2 ring
13 Record 1 tip 25 Record 1 ring

In a stereo environment, the odd channels (ie 1/3/5/7) are normally defined as the LEFT channel, the even ones as the RIGHT.

The outputs are all (electronically) balanced: if you want to us it to feed an Unbalanced input, then just use the TIP signal, connecting the cable's screen to the Ground pins.

To connect to the inputs from an unbalanced signal, connect the signal to the "tip", and connect the screen to the "ring" and the "gnd".

Gina Pinout

Pin Use Pin Use
1 6+ out 14 Gnd
2 7+ out 15 4+ out
3 Gnd 16 5+ out
4 2+ out 17 Gnd
5 3+ out 18 0+ out
6 Gnd 19 1+ out
7 0+ INPUT 20 Gnd
8 0- INPUT 21 1+ INPUT
9 Gnd 22 1- INPUT
10 No Connection 23 ADAT in
11 ADAT out 24 -12 volts
12 SPDIF In 25 +12 volts
13 SPDIF Out

Let's explain that Gina Pinout! First, you will see that the outputs are actually UNBalanced. If you look inside the Gina's pod, you find that there is a very simple passive circuit, that whilst it's no longer actually UNbalanced, it's not REALLY balanced either!

However, most of us just want an unbalanced signal, so the output from the PC card is fine for us! So just connect your outputs to the "X+ Out" pins, with the screen going to the adjacent "Gnd" pin. Looks like the pins are nicely laid out for us!

You'll notice that the 2 INputs are balanced: if you're driving them from an unbalanced signal, connect the signal to the "+", and connect the screen to the "-" and the "gnd".

I doubt you'll be using the ADAT or SPDIF signals, so just leave them alone!

(many thanks to Echo for the Gina pinpout!!)  

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