Paul Blitz's & Nigel Dallard's Techical Articles


These articles were originally written to give some technical help to those involved with the technical side of things for Hospital Radio stations across the UK.

They are provided as being "infomational only", and I can not provide any guarantees for the information contained in the articles (in other words, if something goes wrong, or you blow yourself up, do NOT blame me or try to sue me!).

These articles and associated circuits remain the copyright of Paul Blitz or Nigel Dallard © 1999. If you are a Hospital Radio who is also a UK Registered Charity, then you are free to use the articles & circuits within your organisation. Others must contact us before using them.

If you are involved with Hospital Radio, and need more details (maybe you don't quite understand something) then I will happily try to help you if I can: just drop me an email to, or phone the WHR studios (01962 824343) on a Tuesday evening, sometime between 20:30 and 23:30.  


Article 1 - Dead Air Detector
Article 2 - 4-in, 4 + mix out buffer amplifier
Article 2a - a Myriad / IRN News mixing & buffering circuit
Article 2b - a Myriad / IRN News mixing & buffering circuit, but with buffered Myriad & IRN outputs for your mixer
Article 3 - Power Supplies
Article 3a - PSU Regulation Circuit
Article 4 - Getting Your Levels Right - PPMs, clipping and all that
Article 5 - Digital Audio Levels
Article 6 - Balanced and Unbalanced Audio
Article 7 - Remote starts for CD / Cassette etc
Article 8 - Simple Output Circuits
Article 9 - Useful mod for Amstrad SRX100/200 Satellite Receiver
Article 10 - 1 to 4 Buffer / Distribution Amplifier
Article 10.1 - Stereo in to 2 x Stereo / 2 x Mono Buffer Amplifier
Article 11 - Driving a balanced line, and getting 3 signals down 2 lines!
Article 12 - Echo Darla and Gina sound cards: pinouts of the 25-way connector
Article 13 - PC Joystick port: pinout of the 15-way connector (for Myriad remote starts)
Article 14 - Simple battery powered 2-channel mixer for OB use