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Article #2b: Myriad / IRN News mixing & buffering circuit (extended version)

copyright ©2001 Paul Blitz



This is a continuation of the Myriad stuff: this version has (a) 3 Myriad inputs; (b) IRN input; (c) buffered outputs of (a) and (b) (eg to feed a desk); Mixed Myriad with switched IRN (eg for station output)

Let me download the circuit details!

Circuit in GIF format (33k)

Adjusting the circuit

1) if you want 4 Myriad inputs rather than 3, then add another input & output buffer & mixing resistor

2) if you want another switched audio (OB?) then duplicate the IRN bit

3) if you want more outputs: take a look at the article on the Buffer Amplifuer & do a similar thing here!

And Finally....

Finally, if you need any help with the circuit in any way, then feel free to email me with your questions.  


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